An opportunity of a lifetime

January 22, 2010



Help Rebuild Haiti is an initiative of Mission International:

Haiti has been subjected to a natural disaster of unbelievable proportions.   Millions are now homeless and many are in great need of international support NOW!   The infrastructure in Haiti has been ruptured beyond repair and the economy, such as it was, has ground to a halt.   If we as the inhabitants of the ‘rest of the world’ team do not help Haiti at this time it will be an eternal indictment against us.

Our partners in Haiti are already helping children orphaned and abandoned, due to previous Haitian disasters, and can put in place facilities to help make sure the many others now orphaned and destitute can be given the opportunity to rebuild.

If you would like to support this endeavour to share funds, resources, skills and personnel then please consider how you can best be involved.

Funding will obviously be required to set up income generating projects and to sponsor children, this is a direct way you can be involved.  

To make a donation on-line please use this PayPal link.   You can also print off a donation form by clicking here for a one-off donation and here for monthly bank support.

 To contact us please email at

Watch this space for mre information


Haiti Team 2011

September 14, 2011

The 2011 Haiti team have recently returned from their pioneering trip to Ouanaminthe where they served with Mission International partners Trinity Church of Jerusalem. The team had a very successful but tiring time in the immense heat and humidity common to the area. A tract of land was purchased where plans are already afoot to build a home for needy children. Mission International also plans to send a team to Haiti in 2012. to see published information about teams for 2012.

Children fed again in Haiti!

August 31, 2010

Pastor Rolex has recently sent some photos of the children being fed once again.   There is great poverty in Haiti and Mission International is seeking sponsors for the children there and those who will support Mighty Meals in Haiti too.

Please consider supporting Mighty Meals (£25/year per child) or sponsoring a child (£20/month- part sponsorship begins at £5/month).

Congratulations to Pastor Rolex!

August 11, 2010

News has just arrived from Haiti to say that a new baby has been born into the Poisson family.   Baby Victoria has arrived and is looking good.   Congratulations to Pastor Rolex and his wife Linda on the birth of their daughter.

Haitian children in dire need!

June 3, 2010

Mission International has begun to send support to our partners in Haiti to feed and to sponsor needy children.   A recent message from Pastor Rolex describes a situation there of dire need.   Children face hunger, nakedness, lack of school fees, health issues and lack of  secure accommodation.

Mission International’s child sponsorship programme provides for these needs on a daily basis.   For £20/month a child can be fully supported and part sponsorship can be provided from £5/month.   Please fins out more details on our Global Sponsor site to find out how you can sponsor a child today.

Medical help for the needy:

April 9, 2010

Needy Haitians have received medical support after interventions by Mission International supporters.   The photos below show the medicines purchased and the medical support acquired after a Mission International grant was sent to Haiti recently.  

 We want to be able to send regular support to Haiti as the nation tries to rebuild so if you art able to contribute to this please send your contributions to us at Mission International, Rebuild Haiti, 25 Tait’s Lane, Dundee, DD2 1DZ, Scotland, UK.  Please also view and

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Plans for the Rebuild:

March 30, 2010

Mission International is in regular communication with Pastor Rolex our partner in Haiti to find ways in which we can help rebuild a small part of the country.   There are four areas which will help needy children and families in the short term and in the long term as follows:

Feeding the hungry:

Mission International’s Mighty Meals initiative can help provide food for those who are hungry in Haiti.   £25/year can feed a child every day whilst they are at school.   Food support for the wider community is also required.

Treating the sick:

Those of us who live in the relative safety of the UK often take medical care from the NHS for granted but for the people of Haiti it is a major concern since of course it can mean the difference between life and death.   Mission International has begun to raise support to help those who cannot afford to see a trained medical or dental practitioner.   Contributions as little as £5.00 can make the difference between health and long-term ilness or pain for a needy Haitian.

Child Sponorship:

To see how you can sponsor a child in Haiti please visit our Global Sponsor site.   It cost £20/month to fully sponsor a child in Haiti.   Part sponsorship starts from £5/month.

Home of Hope:

Currently The children and nedy families under the care of pastor Rolex in Ouanaminthe, Haiti do not have any land or buildings and so this part of the project is starting from scratch.   The first step is to purchase a tract of land which is currently available.   This piece of land is 50m long and 50m wide and is valued at $2500 US (£1700 approximately).   This is the minimum size required to begin the project after which planning and construction costs will be required and are being sought at the time of posting this article.

Your contribution:

If you can help support the Mission International ‘Rebuild Haiti’ project any any of the ways described above then we would be delighted to hear from you. To find the appropriate ways of donating your support please follow this link.

Food support arrives!

March 16, 2010

Thanks to the kind donations given by Mission International supporters many in Ouanaminthe, Haiti are receiving food to eat.   After the earthquake food supplies became scarce and prices rose dramatically.   Mission International is raising funds to provide food as well as to provide decent accommodation for children and famlies at risk in Haiti.

Please consider supporting this project by funding the food supply, sponsoring a child or donating to a Home of Hope in Haiti.

Mighty Meals – Haiti

March 1, 2010

Mission International has now sent funds to help feed children in Haiti under our Mighty Meals banner.   Initially a small amount is being sent out, hopefully this will in some way encourage our partner organiasation headed by Pastor Rolex.   The following pictures show their current situation in Ouanaminthe where the project is located.   Children are hungry, sick and have extremely poor accommodation.   Food and medicines are very expensive and accommodation currently beyond them.   Mission International can help, but we need you on board to do so.   If you can help please visit our Mighty Meals and our Global Sponsor sites to find the appropriate paperwork.

Feeding a nation one by one!

February 24, 2010

The statement which says “…we can’t help everywhere but we can help somebody somewhere…” is so true.   Pastor Rolex picture here has served in his church as a pastor for some time, taking on the problems of the people and praying with them for a resolution.   There are so many problems that are faced by his flock that it is impossible to resolve everything for everyone, however one by one changes come along and peoples lives are benefitted.   Mission International’s ‘Rebuild Haiti’ project wants to help Pastor Rolex, who as well as being a busy pastor serves as a school teacher too.

How you can help:

Your help will make a huge difference to those in Haiti who are so poor; poor even before the recent devastating earthquake, and will remain poor, so poor if help is not found to lift them up.   Mission International is committed to helping Haiti.   Pastor Rolex is our partner there and his church are working hard to serve those in need too.   They however are short of funds and resources to be able to provide the help that is required.   You can help by donation a one-off gift or making a regular monthly committment to the work in Haiti.  

Child sponsorship:

Mission International’s Global Sponsor project has received the names of children in Haiti who need sponsors.   You can fully sponsor a child for £20/month and part sponsorship starts at £5/month.

Project support:

Food: Feeding large numbers of needy children on a daily basis is a challenge.   To find funds to get foodstuffs that provide a healthy balanced diet in a poor country is very difficult.   Your contribution to Mission International’s Mighty Meals (Haiti) initiative can help make the daily search for food a more achievable and realistic for the adults who have the job of feeding the children.

Shelter:  Having a place to stay, a home, shelter from the elements also challenges the poor.   Those children who have no parents are more likely to come to harm if they have no secure home to staying.  Mission International is seeking funding to provide shelter for needy children in Haiti.   If you can contribute to this as a one-off donation or regularly each month then please complete and return the appropriate forms, remember GiftAid too if you are a British taxpayer.

Children and families need help!

February 5, 2010